Cathryn V. Dammel 
Cathryn V. Dammel

Stanford Law graduate, Cathryn went from a Bogle & Gates attorney to the legal officer responsible for all labor and employment law and labor relations at Alaska Airlines.  Practicing over 25 years, her perspective is unique.

"Cathryn knows how to translate the law into what matters in business."
Amber H. Post, former Vice President Finance/Treasurer
Alaska Airlines, Inc.

As a firm lawyer, Cathryn litigated complex labor, employment and administrative cases. Her career at Alaska Airlines spanned eleven years, six as Deputy General Counsel/Staff Vice President.  In that role, Cathryn was the lead lawyer for major restructurings and high-stakes employment and labor litigation.  She worked closely with the Board, senior executives, operations managers and human resource professionals.

"Cathryn wasn't just our trusted legal advisor, but a true partner.  She is analytical and detail-oriented, recognizing very quickly our unique challenges and was fiercely loyal.  Cathryn is a caring professional with extraordinary standards of performance.  Nice mix. "
Kevin Finan, former Executive Vice President
Alaska Airlines, Inc.

Cathryn developed and implemented labor strategy, leading multiple rounds of collective bargaining for six union agreements covering 9,000 employees.  Her management background is complemented by her labor relations practice on the union side as an employee of Pan American World Airways.

"I've worked side by side with Cathryn on intensive labor matters and can honestly say she totally 'gets it'.  She's incredibly bright and very practical."
ohn Kuehne, Executive Vice President/Partner
Seabury/OCI Advisors, LLC

Cathryn is a Phi Beta Kappa, cum laude alumnus of the University of Idaho.  She was a Rotary International scholar and is a Best Lawyer.

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